Transinsight wins Detecon ICT Award

Dresden, 12 October 2012 – The management consultancy company Detecon International, in cooperation with the Federal Ministry of Economics and Technology (BMWi), has awarded the first Detecon ICT Award for exceptional services and products in the field of the information and communication technology (ICT) sector. The award was presented at a ceremony for the opening of the new Detecon headquarters in Cologne. An independent jury has selected Transinsight from 24 nominees by secret ballot. Applications of individual companies for the prize were not provided.

Transinsight participates in the BMWi initiativ TrustedCloud with GeneCloud

Transinsight was awarded with the TrustedCloud participation at CeBIT 2011. The prize was given to 12 submissions out of 116 applications.

Transinsights Enterprise Semantic Intelligence® receives the Innovationspreis IT 2011

Transinsight was awarded with the German Innovation Prize IT for its outstanding developments in Enterprise Semantic Intelligence at CeBIT 2011. The prize was given to 43 companies and research groups out of over 2000 submissions.

Transinsights Enterprise Semantic Intelligence® Knowledge Suite nominated for German Design Prize 2011

Transinsights Enterprise Semantic Intelligence® Knowledge Suite is nominated for the German Design Prize in Communication Design, the highest German award in Design. The nomination by the Federal Ministry for Economy (BMWi) can already be seen as a great honor since only products can be nominated already having a national or international prize. Only those products who have been nominated by Ministries of Industry or Senators in the individual German states, or by their highest competent (state) authorities, or by the German Design Council as commissioned by the Federal Ministry of Industry and Technology, can take part in the competition for the Design Award of the Federal Republic of Germany.

Transinsight’s semantic-technology-based search engine GoPubMed.com wins the German Industry Prize 2010

Transinsight’s GoPubMed wins the famous German Industry Prize 2010 in the research and development category.

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Dr. George Tsatsaronis – Award: Best paper and Best presentation

Dr. George Tsatsaronis, who has recently joined the TU Dresden and Transinsight to do research on the development of new text mining algorithms for Transinsight’s GoPubMed, has been awarded the best paper and the best presentation award at the 11th International Conference on Intelligent Text Processing and Computational Linguistics 2010. His paper was titled “An Experimental Study on Unsupervised Graph-based Word Sense Disambiguation”, and was co-authored with Dr. Iraklis Varlamis and Prof. Kjetil Nørvåg.

Transinsight’s GoPubMed.com wins the 2009 reddot design award in communication design: best of the best

Transinsight’s GoPubMed.com, the semantic search engine for the life sciences, has been recognized with the 2009 red dot: best of the best award in the category communication design – graphical user interfaces and interactive tool.

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Dr. Andreas Doms wins Georg-Helm-Prize 2009

The Georg-Helm-Prize 2009 is awarded to Dr.-Ing. Andreas Doms for his dissertation on “GoPubMed: ontology-based literature search for the sciences”. The work deals with algorithms of a new search engine, Transinsight’s GoPubMed, which uses background knowledge to semantically navigate through large search results. The engine was developed in close cooperation with Transinsight.

GoOn gewinnt Theseus Mittelstand 2009

Dr. Bernd Pfaffenbach, Staatssekretär im Bundesministerium für Wirtschaft und Technologie (BMWi), hat heute in Berlin die Gewinner des Technologiewettbewerbes “THESEUS MITTELSTAND” bekannt gegeben.

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European Venture Summit 2008
“Transinsight was selected as one of Europe’s most promising entrepreneurs in semantic search technologies to participate in European Venture Summit”. Transinsight was rated as one of the Top 5 presenters in Biotech: “All company presentations were assessed and scored and we are delighted to announce the top rated companies from each sector involved. We were all impressed by the quality of presentations and business models!”

Biotech Top 5:

  • PentaBase ApS (DK)
  • Cardiola AG (CH)
  • RESprotect GmbH (DE)
  • Transinsight (DE)
  • Integromics SL (ES)
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Output 2008

The OUTPUT Award is offered to innovative projects of members of the Computer Science faculty of the Dresden Technical University. The jury consists of industry representatives from Saxony as well as academics. Five projects were selected for the final presentation round. The criteria for the winning project were scientific potential, students’ contributions, commercial potential and visibility. Transinsight’s GoPubMed was selected the winning project 2008. GoPubMed is a semantic search engine using background knowledge to help answer biomedical questions.

Lohrmann-Medal 2007

Dipl. Inf. Steffen Jaensch today receives the Lohrman Medal as the best student of the year 2007 in Informatics. The award is given for the best of the top 2 percent of every years’ alumni. Steffen carried out his master thesis (Diplomarbeit) at Transinsight. The title was “Retrieval of Drosophila Embryo Images from Scientific Publications Using Image Analysis”. The thesis was supervised by Dr. Michael R. Alvers, and Professor in charge was Prof. Dr. Michael Schroeder. Congratulations from the Transinsight team for an outstanding achievement!

FutureSax 2007

The jury of the FutureSax event “Durchstarten mit Risikokapital” (lift off with venture capital) honours the Transinsight team as winner due to the most promising commercial and investment concept and the best presentation.

Biocreative 2007

The best performances in the gene normalization task all came from Germany: Jörg Hakenberg (Technical University, Dresden) […] Hakenberg’s system used synonyms and contextual information to associate gene identifiers with mentions in text. The other groups used large-scale synonym lexicons coupled with string matching techniques.

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Lohrmann-Medal 2006

Dipl. Inf. Hendrik Strobelt receives the Lohrmann-Medal 2006 for a good master thesis and high social commitment during his studies in Informatics. Hendrik carried out his master thesis (Diplomarbeit) at Transinsight. The work titled “An Image Retrieval System for Biomedical Literature Using Text Mining and Ontologies” was supervised by Dr. L. Barrio-Alvers and Prof. Dr. Michael Schroeder.

Leuchtturm Projekt 2006

The German Federal Minister for Economic Affairs and Technology Michael Glos named Transinsight GmbH as “Leuchtturmprojekt des High- Tech Gründerfonds”

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