About Transinsight


Transinsight develops cutting-edge technology software solutions. Our semantic software platform “Enterprise Semantic Intelligence®” powers the knowledge-based search systems www.Go3R.org and www.GoPubMed.com, semantic search engines for the life-sciences.

In acknowledgement of the our state-of-the-art technologies, Transinsight has repeatedly been honored with international awards, amongst others the reddot design award – communication design – best of the best 2009, the German Industry Prize 2010, the German Innovation Prize IT 2011 and the Detecon ICT Award 2012.

The firm works in close collaboration with the Dresden University of Technology.

Think The Impossible!

With the advent of the internet, the sciences have changed dramatically, producing ever-increasing amounts of data and text. Public databases currently host thousands of 3D protein structures, millions of sequences, and millions of scientific literature abstracts. Current technologies do not support the user in finding the right information for a task. We help you solve these problems!


Develop Intelligent Search Technologies for the Life Sciences and Beyond
Beyond keywords, Transinsight uses novel algorithms, state-of-the-art natural language processing, and ontologies to provide better and faster search capabilities for complex queries not only in the life sciences.


Toward Finding Answers
Beyond today’s knowledge-based search, our vision is to contribute to the ultimate goal of finding answers and to ease the process of finding the right information for any given question. Providing the right pieces of textual material and data and summarizing them to suit a certain context will be the next step on our road map.


The Transinsight Principle – Gain Insight Through Transparency
The name Transinsight stands for gaining insight through transparency. Our philosophy, therefore, is to allow customers as much insight into our procedures as possible. We faithfully follow this philosophy with our products as well. In the search technology used in Transinsight’s Enterprise Semantic Intelligence® Knowledge Suite we don’t rank results using an opaque algorithm. Instead, we put users in the driver’s seat by allowing them to rank or filter results according to their needs. The use of a knowledge base makes this possible. Sorting search results into categories is the key to fostering transparency. In accordance with our vision “Toward Finding Answers”, transparency plays the central role. Our users should be able to understand why certain search results are presented and how the software has applied reasoning techniques in order to arrive at the presented conclusions. Our promise is to continually operate around this principle.

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