The flood of data in companies today causes a lot of time spent searching for and discovering information. Transinsight’s Enterprise Search module solves that problem. With the help of semantic search engine technology, you can filter out any data you need from your local intranet or from the web! Enterprise Semantic Intelligence® provides a parallel search in databases, file systems, mail servers, and desktop PCs. Various data formats such as office documents, pictures, and tables can be browsed via an award-winning visualization.

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Consulting and custom services

The information structure of today’s companies strongly depends on the cooperation with their partners and the presentation for their customers. To let your enterprise always stay state of the art, it is our target to accompany you through the evaluation and implementation of new technology strategies. In this process we use our know-how in the fields of customer requirements and possibilities of the actual ICT-trends and focus them on the analysis of your target group. With the definition of your competition environment, we show you trends and innovation potentials of your market. With the analysis we determine if your efforts in changing your technological setup will pay in the future.

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Transinsight‘s proven solutions bring you the value you need for your shop system. We have designed solutions that help your customers quickly find the right product in your portfolio. The shop solution, like all our systems, is fully customizable depending your products and your potential customers’ needs.

With Semantic eCommerce you can easily connect your semantic search engine with your shop system. This search engine expands the search requests from your customers and delivers exact search results. High performance, cutting edge technology and meaningful suggestions, can give your e-shop an unparalleled advantage.

Our Semantic eCommerce solutions are applicable for a vast collection of e-shop systems. Contact us to ask us how this can turn your e-shop into a winner!

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You know your products at their best! We help you know your target market as well as you know your products! In any market it is of utmost importance to know your competitors, actual trends, chances, and especially your target group.

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KAIMBO is a plugin for WordPress that provides semantic search capabilities through Transinsight’s Enterprise Semantic Intelligence® technology.

KAIMBO goes far beyond simple keyword search. It enables you to provide your own background knowledge to improve the visitors search on your site. Installation is performed through the WordPress plugin handling mechanism and it is managed through a intuitive graphical user interface.

Install KAIMBO now on your WordPress website, and instantly benefit from its unique features.

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automatic ontology generation

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semantic federated enterprise search

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