Consulting & Custom Services

Consulting and custom services

The information structure of today’s companies strongly depends on the cooperation with their partners and the presentation for their customers. To let your enterprise always stay state of the art, it is our target to accompany you through the evaluation and implementation of new technology strategies. In this process we use our know-how in the fields of customer requirements and possibilities of the actual ICT-trends and focus them on the analysis of your target group. With the definition of your competition environment, we show you trends and innovation potentials of your market. With the analysis we determine if your efforts in changing your technological setup will pay in the future.

Enterprise Search

Enterprise Search is an important tool to search within structured data such as databases and ERP- or CRM-systems and unstructured data such as file systems or email. To equip your company with an enterprise search it is important to know how deeply you want to implement the search engine into your processes. Therefore we analyze your personnel structure as well as your business processes in connection to your IT infrastructure. Our experience in the field of intranet search solutions helps you with the configuration of such a system.

Process Development and Optimization

The competitiveness of your products and services is the highest value of your company.To use it in the most efficient way it is essential to offer it to your customers as easily as you can. Processes covering a whole cycle are important if they are fast and efficient for customer requests. For this reason we provide restructuring and modification in addition to the analysis of your process structure. As an external consultant our target is to uncover your potential for optimization and to support you with the integration of a new IT infrastructure.

Sales processes

“One face to the customer” is an important fact for your customer to use your products or services! With 24/7 availability you can inform and support your sales team in an efficient way. We work out a communication solution that comprises all your processes in customer-, project-, and resource management. We adapt a perfectly fitting solution for your company and give your strategists and managers the technical requirements for better analyzing and tracking of your sales team.

For custom-tailored software developments we offer expertise in the following areas:

  • Development of large-scale projects in Java including all relevant state-of-the-art frameworks focused on the area of semantic search and semantic web technologies (RDFS, OWL, Open Biomedical Ontologies OBO, RDF triple stores, SPARQL, noSQL techniques)
  • Highly scalable code using excessive multithreading in multi-server and cloud environments
  • State-of-the-art processing time and memory optimization techniques, e.g., by employing graphics processors (GPUs) via OpenCL
  • High-speed dynamic and asynchronous web user interfaces including HTML5 and AJAX
  • Advanced data mining and machine learning techniques (Maximum Entropy, SVM, Neural Networks, Decision Trees, etc.)
  • Advanced text mining, natural language processing (NLP), and information extraction (Part-of-Speech Tagging, Semantic Role Labeling, Term Extraction)
  • Advanced information retrieval techniques (Lucene, Latent Semantic Indexing, etc.)
  • Semi-automated ontology and term definition generation
  • Integrated advanced distribution mechanism
  • Easy one-click-deployment and automatic distribution of deployed applications over multiple servers
  • Low-effort administration of clustered server applications
  • Interactive administration and monitoring of running applications
  • Secured user access and communication (Authentication, HTTPS, SSL, etc.)

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