KAIMBO is a plugin for WordPress that provides semantic search capabilities through Transinsight’s Enterprise Semantic Intelligence® technology. KAIMBO goes far beyond simple keyword search. It enables you to provide your own background knowledge to improve the visitors search on your site. Installation is performed through the WordPress plugin handling mechanism and it is managed through an intuitive graphical user interface. Install KAIMBO now on your WordPress website, and instantly benefit from its unique features.

Improved Search
  • Highlighting: The searched keywords and concepts are highlighted in the result list.
  • Advanced keyword search: KAIMBO uses an elaborate algorithm for advanced keyword search. If your customers do not know the exact spelling of your products, KAIMBO helps to bridge the gap.
  • Instant re-crawling: If you change the Knowledge Base or the content of your web site, KAIMBO updates the index automatically. If for example a new sentence or a new concept is added, it is instantaneously used in the next searches.
  • PDF-Indexing: PDF documents like catalogs are also found when searching. This is possible because KAIMBO searches in it’s own semantic index rather than the Wordress database directly, which has no information about the pdf-s.
Semantic Integration
  • Semantic Search: KAIMBO goes beyond keywords and adds meaning to your search. You can bridge the gap between the vocabulary of your users or customers and your world.​ Synonyms and related concepts will be found, ensuring that the users will never miss the page, product or info they are looking for.
  • Smart Auto-Completion: In the search-box KAIMBO shows you not only the completed search term but also the related terms used for query expansion.
  • Concept highlighting: KAIMBO highlights the concepts from the Knowledge Base so that you can see at a glance what concepts are connected to meanings.
  • Knowledge-base editor: for large installations and huge knowledge-bases this tool allows for tailoring the background knowledge.
Search Statistics
  • List of top searches: KAIMBO provides a table where you see the most common searches on your site. An unique feature for better tailor your content to your audience.
  • Zero results list: this unique feature shows you the most important searches on your site; the ones that did not lead to much results. There you can find what customers were looking for but your site did not give any results.
  • List of last searches: You can see the list of latest searches by date. Using this table you can get a view about how often the readers search, what is currently interesting them.
  • One click installation: Just download and activate the plugin and all is done. No registration is required! KAIMBO than creates automatically an index over your web site e.g. your blog. The search box now acts intelligently.
  • Easy login: Login directly “to your web site”. This unique feature allows to edit KAIMBO’s knowledge “in place”. See the movie for more details.
  • In place editing: unparalleled speed-up in changing, extending and correcting your site by in place editing.

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