Semantic eCommerce


Transinsight‘s Semantic eCommerce bring you the value you need for your online shop. We have designed solutions that help your customers quickly find the right product in your portfolio. The shop solution is fully customizable depending on your products and customers’ needs.

With Semantic eCommerce you can easily connect your web shop system with a semantic search engine. This search engine expands the search requests from your customers and delivers exact product results. High performance, cutting edge technology and meaningful suggestions, can give your e-shop an unparalleled advantage.

Our solutions are applicable for a vast collection of shop systems. Contact us to ask us how this can turn your online shop into a winner.

Cutting edge technology to deliver your products!

Our solutions for web-shops are totally customizable, expandable and come with the following main functionalities:

  • WEB 2.0 SEMANTIC web-shops with order and payment functionality as well as the administration of users and user preferences
  • Newsletter support
  • Expandable product database with search and filter options for your products (e.g., SMILES and SMARTS)
  • Cross-selling functionality through semantic recommendations
  • Search Engine Optimization techniques that bring your products to the foreground.
Semantic Advertisement

When your ads do not fit to the correct context you waste money, you waste the viewers time and you damage your image. From the viewer’s perspective, you are serving unrelated advertisement which is considered annoying.

With our Semantic Advertisement the right advertisement is placed at the right place! Our smart, semantic enabled mechanisms can ensure your ads are always displayed on the correct place, reaching the eyes that really want to see them.

automatic ontology generation

saves you valuable time

searching is now sorted

comprehensive overview of your data

semantic federated enterprise search

aggregate heterogeneous corporate information

search beyond simple keywords

don't waste time manually filtering spam

the fastest semantic search engine of the market

save over 90% of your time

one-time investment

multiple returns