Trend Detection & Sentiment Analysis


You know your products at their best! We help you know your target market as well as you know your products! In any market it is of utmost importance to know your competitors, actual trends, chances, and especially your target group.

Your Market and Your Competitors

We combine our experience and modern web technology for search and data mining to collect strategic, relevant information about your market.

To find out if the launch of a new company or the placement of a new product will pay, we offer the preliminary analysis of relevant market segments. We help you to get more information about your complete situation, the market volume, and the definition of must-have factors. In the process we always support you with  our analyzing tools.

Also, for already existing products we deliver important information to help you improve your offers. With the help of semantic analysis methods, we deliver reports periodically. We work off the collected data with your criteria to make them perfectly fit into your existing processes.

Trends and Chances

We take care that you won’t lose any trend to assure your advance against your competitors. Our tools for web analysis work for you like a trend barometer. With your specifications we crawl the web and show actual trends. In addition to our semantic technologies we also use statistical methods for the trend analysis. We provide relevant market data without performing long and expensive market surveys.

Target Groups

Your target group is your capital. Therefore it is important to always have a look at it to respond to the market’s behavior. For this purpose we offer our services from quarterly up to daily updates. We always keep you informed of positive as well as negative movements.

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