Life Sciences


Biomedical literature grows with an enormous speed. PubMed, one of the largest resources for biomedical information, counts more than 23 million documents. Quickly finding the right document containing the right answer is very important. PubMed delivers a long list of documents but no answers. For this reason we offer GoPubMed. GoPubMed is a search engine that provides the help of Gene Ontology (GO) and Medical Subjects Headings (MeSH) when searching PubMed documents. GO and MeSH represent the current structured knowledge in the biomedical domain. GoPubMed gives you the following benefits: The search engine provides an overview of paper and journal abstracts according to the hierarchy of GO and MeSH. Furthermore, GoPubMed shows relevant topics that are directly or indirectly connected to the search query. This happens even if this information is not explicitly mentioned in the abstract.


Go3R is a search engine that helps find publications about alternative methods for animal testing. Finding these alternatives is a difficult task in classical search since users do not know the keywords relevant for the alternatives. Go3R closes this gap and allows toxicologists, government agencies, and academic scientists to filter millions of scientific articles for those relevant to alternatives.

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