Fortissimo Experiment 508 / Drug-Target Binding Simulations
Fortissimo is a collaborative project that enables european manufacturing SMEs to benefit from high performance, computer-based simulations. The experiment 508 “Drug-Target Binding Simulations” develops HPC-cloud based services for simulation binding capacities of drugs, thus nabling pharmaceutical engineering SMEs working for large pharmaceutical customers to identify promising targets for drug re-targeting more cost-effectively than in the wet lab.
It can be foreseen that in the next 5-10 years many groups worldwide will dive actively into this research topic which has a strong practical flavour, e.g., it aids drug development, enables drug repositioning, and at the long run it may help towards providing better treatment plans, especially for rare diseases.

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Cloud Computing in the drug development for small- and medium-size enterprises: From high throughput methods to the drug secure internet services – secure Cloud computing for medium-size businesses and the government sector (Trusted Cloud) of the federal ministry of economy and technology (BMWi).

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BioASQ organizes challenges on biomedical semantic indexing and question answering (QA). The challenges include tasks relevant to hierarchical text classification, machine learning, information retrieval, QA from texts and structured data, multi-document summarization and many other areas.

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OpenScienceLink is an EU-funded project which will introduce and pilot a holistic approach to the publication, sharing, linking, review and evaluation of research results, based on the open access to scientific information. OpenScienceLink will pilot a range of novel services that could alleviate the lack of structured data journals and associated data models, the weaknesses of the review process, the poor linking of scientific information, as well as the limitations of current research evaluation metrics and indicators.

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