ESI is a search technology for enterprises. It is easy to use and helps the user to intelligently find the right information. ESI is a software platform for individual solutions in the area of semantic search and knowledge management. The system is completely modular. It provides a high degree of flexibility, which makes it easy to implement single components in different environments. Enterprise Semantic Intelligence® is highly scalable and is designed for thousands of concurrent users. More resources can be integrated into the system using our ESI cloud solution.

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ESI Core components
Enterprise Semantic Intelligence® Server

The Enterprise Semantic Intelligence® Server is the main component of ESI. It provides services for searching within structured and unstructured data as well as text mining and semantic indexing. The ESI Server can handle different sources such as file systems, databases, and different resources of the corporate intranet. The solution also has features for semantic multilinguality.

Enterprise Semantic Intelligence® Explorer

The Enterprise Semantic Intelligence® Explorer is the front end to your analyzed and well-presented data. The ESI Explorer provides direct access to your search results and comes with a unique semantic navigation to filter your results quickly and efficiently. The machine allows a high degree of flexibility by different export possibilities and personal adjustments for the unique user.

Enterprise Semantic Intelligence® Studio

The Enterprise Semantic Intelligence® Studio is the brain of the ESI platform. By providing complete accessibility to the background knowledge, it helps you to semi-automatically create new or expand already existing knowledge bases, so-called ontologies. It simplifies the manual building process of an ontology by saving about 90% of your time.

ESI features

The flood of data in companies today causes a lot of time spent searching for and discovering information. Transinsight’s Enterprise Search module solves that problem. With the help of semantic search engine technology, you can filter out any data you need from your local intranet or from the web! Enterprise Semantic Intelligence® provides a parallel search in databases, file systems, mail servers, and desktop PCs. Various data formats such as office documents, pictures, and tables can be browsed via an award-winning visualization.

Manage Your Data!

Information management is absolutely important when it comes to the quick execution of processes. A lot of data comes from every department all over the company. This leads to complexity and, at worst, to a loss of information. This is caused not only by lack of organization but also because about 80 to 85% of enterprise data is unstructured. That information can’t be browsed with a normal keyword-based search engine. The effort of handling all that continuously growing data grows exponentially. Transinsight helps you to find your information and to gain new knowledge from your enterprise data.

Who Profits from Our Solutions in Your Company?

  • Knowledge managers work together by the Wiki principle for the order and administration of project- based unstructured data.
  • Strategists and managers receive a detailed analysis of business processes to make the right decisions.
  • Project workers work with relevant documents, which they can use in many different ways within their projects.
  • All your employees will find information faster and will have more time for their real work without wasting time with administration.

automatic ontology generation

saves you valuable time

searching is now sorted

comprehensive overview of your data

semantic federated enterprise search

aggregate heterogeneous corporate information

search beyond simple keywords

don't waste time manually filtering spam

the fastest semantic search engine of the market

save over 90% of your time

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